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Punjabi actress Nisha Bano unfollowed many of her fellow artists of Punjabi industry, shared an angry post on social media by Sab Matlabi. Nisha Bano: Nisha Bano got angry on these Punjabi artists for unfollowing her from social media
You must be familiar with the name of Punjabi actress Nisha Bano. Nisha has been seen working with many famous stars of the industry. Talking about films, Nisha has impressed the fans with her acting. But the actress has come in the headlines for one of her posts. You will also be surprised to see this. Actually Nisha is seen showing anger on the stars of Punjabi industry in the post of her Instagram story. After all, what is the reason for this, you can also see this post…

Actually the actress used to share the post
Nisha Bano Reaction 
Take time today and unfollow those people from your account whom I used to follow, but they are probably big stars. Video… Making friends with any account means for me not only to see who is doing what but also to keep in touch. Had to keep talking. If you like someone's work then encourage him… If you don't have time for someone then 0/follow idea is good…

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